Annual U.S. Mortality Rates of the Vaccinated Diseases

The mainstream news media harps endlessly about the perceived benefits of vaccination. It seems nearly impossible to read a news article or listen to a local or national news network on the subject of disease or vaccination without hearing, “the risks of going unvaccinated far out weigh any possible adverse reactions of the vaccine.” This is quickly followed by “vaccines are still the best way to keep you protected from these deadly illnesses.”

In other posts, these adverse reactions are clearly laid out describing how the vaccine is not as benign or uncommon as the media would have you believe. So, just how deadly are these diseases today? You run the risks of adverse reactions to the vaccine because of the fear and supposed knowledge that these diseases are otherwise killing an enormous amount of the population.

Well, below is a T-chart that, unlike proper accounting practices, does not balance out.

The Annual Morality Rate in US T Chart (2)
**The sources of the annual death rates on each diseases can be found on that disease's page by clicking the drop down and selecting "Vaccines and the Virus." and Non-disease related death sources at the bottom of this page**

If peddling fear and hysteria over these diseases is the correct reaction in order to save lives, then where is the outrage and precaution measures taken to prevent insect stings or unintentional, non-boating drownings? Unintentional, non-boating deaths are nearly identical to that of Hepatitis B in a given year, for example. So, should we be having daily conversations on the safety and efficacy of proper water safety tips, and ensure that all parents and children have take courses and passed tests on these safety tips before entering kindergarten? I don't think so, but that's the realty of vaccination culture we permeate in America.

Pediatric Deaths per Category

The below pie chart according to the National Vital Statistics Reports gives some proportionality of children's deaths between 1 to 9 years of age. Of the diseases that we take extensive measures to vaccinate against, only Flu and Pneumonia are a large enough category (once combined together) to get a sliver of the pie at 1.9%. So, children have a greater chance of dying of cancer, homicide, heart disease, and unintentional injuries, then they do against the vaccinated diseases.

Putting Viruses Into Perspective - Top 5 Premature Death Causes

The top 5 causes of premature death in America are not caused by any of viruses we vaccinate against. If we're going to put so much focus on these viruses, how much more attention should be paid to these causes?

"Five things kill more people in the United States than anything else: heart disease, cancer, lung disease such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis, stroke and unintentional injuries such as those on roads or caused by medication overdoses. Together, these five conditions cause almost two-thirds of all deaths in the country -- nearly 900,000 each year." - CNN, 2014

"Two in three of those born today are likely to develop cancer, experts have warned, after drawing up stark new scientific forecasts." - The UK Telegraph, 2015

Non-Disease Related Death Sources:

Below are the sources for the various categories represented in "The Annual Mortaility Rate in U.S. by Category" chart.